Home History


The decision to establish an independent unit to initiate and supervise training in the National University was taken on 19th December 2009 due to magnificent and continuous growth and expansion of the programs of the college at that time. The expansion necessitate recruitment of new staff for the various departments. In order to maintain standards and criteria of the National College there was a need to establish a Centre to train and support staff to ensure excellence in education.

At the beginning it was given the name the Professional Educational Unit. By January 2011, the unit has its own, properly furnished hall in the National College (at that time). The name of the unit has been changed to the Centre for professional development –CPD.

In 2016 the Centre was moved to a new location with better facilities in Al Raqi Hospital- Main Campus of National University. 

The Centre for Professional Development (CPD) is responsible for organizing training programmes for all categories of staff working in the National University.