Home Vision, Mission and Objective



To be a leading Centre for training, development and enhancement programmes



Offer continuous training opportunities and guidance to the staff in order to maintain excellence



1. Promote a culture of continuous education and life –long learning.

2. Provide opportunities for training and education for staff.

3. Introduce new concepts of teaching and different ways of acquiring information.

4. Provide opportunities for the staff to reflect and provide feedback on their own practice.

5. Encourage and support research.

6. Empower the staff with both knowledge and skills necessary for improving the standard of the service provided.

7. Collaborate with national and international centers.

8. Encourage the staff to improve their professional effectiveness and work satisfaction.

9. Make use of unexpected opportunities –experts, visits –that can be beneficial to medical educators within the university.

10. Establish an interactive page within the university website and platform in order to provide online support for the staff.