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The Centre for Professional Development, National University, Sudan (CPD-NUSU) is concerned with provision of training, support, advice and guidance to all staff member through continuous activities such as training workshops. CPD depends on its activities on the in house experts and when necessary external experts are invited. The appointment of each member of staff is followed by induction via orientation course that is held by CPD on regular basis to introduce the new staff member to the By-laws, regulations, policies and procedures and quality management concerns of the university. Each member of academic staff, who has not been exposed previously to adult education will be required to enroll in a Teaching Certificate course organized by the Center (CPD). This course is usually instructed by in-house expertise, but certain topics may necessitate the invitation of external experts from other universities or hospitals. Other activities include organization of courses by CPD to address an emerging needs such as E-learning.

2.Policy Statement

The CPD employs full-time educationists and invites guest experts to implement training for academic, professional and non-professional staff on educational, research and quality issues.

3.Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that CPD:

1.Work in collaboration with top management of NUSU to observe its vision and mission.

2. Ensure-in collaboration- with the concerned faculties and departments all staff are equipped with current and updated skills and competencies in their specific era.

3.Control the process of organizing activity for training in the centre as from need assessment up to workshop designing, execution and evaluation.

4.Regulate the release of certificates to candidates who successfully attend and accomplish the assignment of the course.

 5.Decide the validity of certificate and determine the need for renewal.

6.Regulate the workshops and candidate participation according to the need.

7.Arrange the relationship with external trainers and prepare a pool for potential external trainers based on their experience.

8.Avail facility of CPD advice and support to all for, and set a system of reward on educational research.

9.Create a partnership with local, regional  and global developmental centres

10.Preserve all the documents of activities and ensure that abide by the quality managment of the system

 11.Evaluate the activities held by the centre using  reflection, workshope evaluation , other susing KPIs